The UHC Team

Our team is knowledgeable, attentive, and deeply care about those we cater to. We strive to deliver a positive, client-centered experience that promotes trust and reliability while tendin to all types of needs. We emphasize open and direct communication. We want our clients to know that we are here for them every step of the way… no question is too big or small!

Meet our UHC team!

Rick Conn CEO

"UHC can help you start or expand your existing practice. With in-depth knowledge of regulatory laws and their interpretation, UHC designs risk management programs that exceed regulatory standards, increase office efficiency and accelerate your business goals."

Debbi Conn CRO
Vice President

In 2001, Debbi Conn co-founded Universal Healthcare Consulting, Inc. As co-founder, Debbi has been the nucleus of developing comprehensive compliance programs that meet all regulatory requirements, always emphasizing patient safety as the focal point of her work.

Debbi has been a Registered Nurse in Florida since 1985. After spending years working as a Nursing Supervisor with experience in hospital ICU and ER departments, she eventually ventured into the domain of outpatient surgery. After working with numerous plastic surgeons in South Florida--- assisting in the large undertaking of opening and maintaining exceptional operational status for a numerous office-based surgery centers and ASCs-- Debbi realized the need for oversight of, and education in, compliance with state, federal and accrediting body standards. Her passion for quality healthcare services led Debbi to subsequently become a Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager. She became active with Florida’s Board of Medicine in developing the current rules for office surgery and, after proving her involvement to be extremely beneficial, was hired to be an inspector for the state. With more than 35 years in the healthcare field, Debbi is known as an industry expert for compliance in the office and ambulatory surgical arenas.

Under her guidance, and along with her wonderful staff, Universal Healthcare Consulting has developed UHCloud2® compliance software platform. UHCloud2® provides the industry’s only automated software to provide risk assessment and reduction services, policy implementation, risk management program monitoring, quality improvement, and safety and infection control, all while habitually meeting the standards set by federal, state and accrediting bodies. Debbi also helped create the first “virtual inspection” performed by a reputable accrediting body by utilizing the UHCloud2® platform, a new paradigm shift in today’s new, advancing world.

Debbi and her team have helped more than 160 facilities in over 19 states develop their risk management programs, from facility design straight through to full accreditation and continuing compliance management. Debbi is proud of her strong record of deficiency free surveys and takes pride in her one-on-one personalized approach to serving all of her clients.

When not working, Debbi can be found running on the beach, biking or paddle boarding. She enjoys travel and fun times with great friends and family.

Debbi Conn can be contacted at and 561-999-9371

Stefanie Krauss
Client Coordinator

My name is Stefanie Krauss and I work as a client coordinator for Universal Healthcare Consulting. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, I moved back to New York to start my career as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s. After some time passed, I started a family and became a mom to Jake and Samantha. Before joining UHC, my last job was working as an executive assistant for an eyeglass manufacturing company on Long Island. I am excited to be part of the UHC family and continue to be amazed at how this small family run business is positively impacting so many in the healthcare field across the country.

Jamie Messelsohn

My name is Jamie Messelsohn and I am the new client onboarding coordinator at Universal Health Care Consulting. Being a Brooklyn New York native, I have been living in South Florida for the last 10 years with my wife and son. I have been with Universal Healthcare Consulting for the past 5 years and have enjoyed working with facilities helping them become accredited and fully compliant.

I took an early interest in healthcare and office administration working at a medical office in Brooklyn for over 5 years holding many different positions. I also studied and trained to become an Emergency Medical Technician eventually earning a NY State EMT license. I am thrilled to be part of an amazing team dedicated to patient safety and positive client relationships!

One of my personal interests is music. I am also a professional musician and music teacher and enjoy gigging on the weekends all over south Florida.

Melissa Manis

My name is Melissa Manis and I’ve been living in South Florida since childhood. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at FGCU, I taught at an elementary school in Broward County, FL for 6 years and was even a grade level team leader for a short period of time. I decided to leave the teaching field and take on a new challenge in the healthcare field with Universal Healthcare Consulting in January 2020. What interested me at most in particular with UHC at first was the importance of everyone working together as a team and supporting one another to keep the best interests of UHC staff, clients, and patients in mind. This still true and evident to this day! UHC has a wonderful team and really shows support to their employees and all their clients with any questions, or concerns, that arise. I’m proud to be a part the UHC team and enjoy growing in my experience as a Risk Manager each day. When I’m not keeping busy with keeping facilities in compliance at UHC, I create and sell educational resources online. In my free time I also enjoy watching TV, movies, and having game nights with my husband and our friends.

Olivia Focazio, MHA
Risk Manager

My name is Olivia, a Risk Manager for Universal Healthcare Consulting. As a New Jersey native, I have been enjoying all of the amenities South Florida has to offer for the past 6 years! I have been immersed in the healthcare industry for as long as I can remember. As a daughter of a physician and an ICU nurse, some of my earliest and fondest memories as a young girl are following my parents during rounds at the hospital and learning the ways of all kinds of healthcare providers. I have worked for Gastroenterologists, Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons in New Jersey and Florida, although I am not limited in my knowledge to just these specialties. I also hold a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, and completed my undergraduate education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biology. My experiences to date have contributed to my unwavering passion for ensuring that patient safety is always paramount, and how to give the best patient-centered care. I take pride in my work and always tend to my clients with the highest respect for what they do- making healthcare accessible, efficient, and most of all, positively impactful! I am dedicated to our mission here at UHC to ensure all facilities make their mark while providing quality care.