How We Do It

UHC follows a systematic process in conjunction with our UHCloud® platform to effectively transition clients to a fully operational, highly functional, surgical facility.

  1. UHCloud®
    • UHC is the forefront industry leader in cloud-based risk management compliance software. It is the ONLY software that tracks and trends your facility’s operations on a daily basis while fully automating seemingly endless administrative requirements.
      • UHC created UHCloud® technology to promote efficiency and automate virtually every facet of your facility’s compliance to deliver a comprehensive, personalized experience.
    • UHCloud® features assist in day-to-day operations, including but not limited to:
      • Automated Employee files
      • Crash Cart inventory system
      • Occurrence reporting with tracking and trending
      • Task management
      • Calendar that tracks all expirations from the crash cart drugs to employee file documents, licenses, permits
      • and much more
  2. UHC designed UHCloud® to ensure your facility operates within compliance standards, achieves optimum efficiency, and provides the best possible patient care.
  3. Initial Client Onboarding
    • All of our clients are oriented with an initial Q&A meeting, a full tutorial of UHCloud® software, and risk management training.
  4. Personal One-on-One Service
    • You will have a Risk Manager that will serve as your first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. The UHC team is also available to help you with any issues.
  5. Multi-Dimensional Program
    • UHC provides our clients with essential surgical forms and logs, implements the Risk Management and QAPI program, develops the quarterly report to the governing body, conducts drills and trainings, and proven compliant policies and procedures.
    • End to end service- from sign on, to application, to onsite inspection, to obtaining accreditation, and maintaining your accreditation.