Building your own Office-Based Surgery Center!


When we are hired by a new client, it is our responsibility to guide and assist them in creating an efficient and compliant surgical facility that places patient safety at the forefront. What we have been successful in doing with our clients is not just ensuring they have the proper systems in place to meet compliance, but more importantly, educating the facility staff on the standards that need to be met. When people understand “why” something needs to be done, it allows for greater compliance with the standards.

The different laws and accrediting body standards, including certain government agencies and professional associations such as APIC, CDC, AORN, AMA, ASAP, have been created to ensure patient safety. Ensuring patient safety should always be amongst the most important functions of every healthcare practitioner. UHC’s compliance program is designed to meet the highest standards of patient safety.

In developing and readying a new facility for accreditation, UHC has developed a streamlined program that ensures all requirements are met. We have a team that efficiently performs the on-boarding process to ensure you meet all the requirements.

No stone is ever left unturned.

The steps in the process for registration and/or accreditation are:

In this series of articles, we will discuss each of the processes for opening an office-based surgical facility. If you have any questions regarding this article please email us at

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