Universal Healthcare Consulting And The American Association For Accreditation Of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Execute First Tele-Video Provisional Survey


The global COVID-19 pandemic has led many organizations to get creative and demonstrate the ability to think on their feet. Accrediting healthcare facilities that hope to open soon is one such challenge that was overcome by a lot of hard work and forward thinking. On Friday, June 12th Universal Healthcare Consulting and AAAASF teams completed the first tele-video start up survey to accredit Bridge City Surgery Center in Oregon. Without this virtual survey the facility likely would have to wait to receive a traditional provisional survey until the end of summer which would have impacted the facility’s ability to work towards accreditation.

Eric Conn, President of Universal Healthcare Consulting and the UHC team created an online platform to streamline the review of employee files, forms, policies and procedures, and QAPI program. The facility was able to upload videos of the facility’s operating room, equipment tests, and other areas of the inspection. Then during the live virtual survey, the AAAASF surveyor was able to review any questions that she still had and ask to see any additional items within the facility that had to be seen in real time. Once complete, the surveyor and facility’s Medical Director were able to discuss the survey findings and any deficiencies that were cited.

While this exciting new technology has many potential uses when it comes to accrediting facilities; the best thing is that it will revolutionize patient safety through greater oversight and the ability to educate facilities on achieving compliance throughout the accreditation cycle. Afterall, the goal of Universal Healthcare Consulting and AAAASF is to educate facilities on how to provide the safest environment and care for their patients and ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place.

It is important to note that during this public health emergency only Oregon has allowed AAAASF to conduct start up surveys virtually. New York, a state greatly impacted by COVID-19, is allowing AAAASF to complete a trial run of virtual start up surveys. Acceptance and rollout of virtual surveys will to be a State-by-State endeavor achieved in consultation with regulators.

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