Infection Control

Adverse incidents from healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) can lead to hospital admission, prolonged illness, increased cost of care and sometimes, patient death. In out-patient settings, the majority of HAIs are preventable. Universal Healthcare Consulting, Inc. (UHC) can help your facility create a zero tolerance infection control standard of practice to eliminate infection rates and protect your patients and staff. Solutions for post-surgical infection in outpatient settings differ depending on the specifics of the individual facility and procedures being performed. UHC helps a variety of clients with varied specialties develop and implement an Infection Control (IC) program that proactively addresses the potential for patient infections.

UHC helps your staff understand infectious agent transmission rates associated with your specific type of practice. Areas UHC addresses include the sources of infectious agents, susceptible hosts and modes of transmission including direct and indirect contact, droplet, airborne, and transmission from the environment. UHC designs a fundamental roadmap of elements, principles, practices and education to prevent the transmission of infectious agents in your facility.

UHC works with your staff to create support for, and comfort with, a demonstrated commitment to preventing the transmission of infections agents. We attain this by incorporating IC into the objectives of your practice and the culture of your staff with emphasis on individual and collective behaviors. UHC helps your practice adopt and maintain exceptional IC best practices by providing training, education, support, systems design and feedback to your IC Quality Assurance Program. This will then afford your staff the resources they need to create a zero tolerance team approach to infection control.

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