Comprehensive Emergency Plan

Universal Healthcare Consulting is a leading provider of risk management solutions, steering our clients away from adverse situations and events, both man-made and natural. Natural disasters seem to occur when we are least prepared for them, so UHC policies, guidelines, and procedures see to it that our clients are always prepared. We insist on it.

Emergency Risk Management Plans are compulsory for all medical facilities and must include preparation, plamming and performance. UHC has developed comprehensive plans that envision every conceiveable scenario, and we train staff to be prepared in the event of such an emergency.

Universal Healthcare Consulting offers comprehensive risk management solutions to clients across the United States. We're committed to building honest, trusting and transparent relationships with our clients. We become an integral part of the office environment and walk clients through each step of the risk management process. UHC has 100% client retention because we work to improve every scenario and every outcome, every time.

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