What Could AAAASF Accreditation Bring
To Your Medical Facility?

It is important for all medical facilities to take seriously the issue of accreditation. Before, there were really no regulations about outpatient facilities which refer to office-based facility attached to the surgeon's office. Now, recognizing the need to prioritize patient safety at all times, all office-based surgery facilities must now be fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc.

But what could passing AAAASF Accreditation mean to you? Passing the accreditation could lead to cost savings, privacy, and convenience. When you have an accredited facility, you will have more control over the patient's experience and continuity of care. The people they see during a consultation would be the same people they would see for their surgery and aftercare. This puts the patient in a more comfortable position because they feel that medical attention is properly given to them.

Feel free to contact Universal Healthcare Consulting to know how we could help you pass the accreditation.

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