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UHC addresses and minimizes risk for the good of your facility and the good of your patients. We develop medical risk management programs for our clients that meet and exceed federal, state and regulatory standards. Our approach is to tailor unique programs that enhance the individual style, culture and comfort level of your medical facility. UHC designs programs to ensure your facility operates within compliance standards, reaches optimum efficiency and provides the best possible patient care.

Our Programs


Universal Healthcare Consulting works with a wide range of clients including Ambulatory Surgical Centers, private practices, outpatient rehab centers, walk-in clinics, sleep clinics and rapid detox center.

UHC partners with you to greatly decrease your risk through a proactive approach that includes risk assessment, risk reduction, policy implementation and program monitoring, all aimed at exceeding the standards set by federal, state and accrediting bodies. UHC offers in-depth education and training opportunities including HIPAA and OSHA training, provides the latest regulatory news and information along with resources, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, video streaming, document downloads and products and will design your new or existing facility for optimum efficiency and minimal risk.


Healthcare facilities and practices face unique and rapidly changing challenges in medical risk management. Meeting regulatory compliance standards can take time and focus away from patient care.

As our society becomes more litigious, healthcare facilities grow more exposed to frivolous lawsuits brought forth by patients, visitors and even employees. Regardless of the outcome, these cases can sometimes cause financial strain to your practice and put your reputation, and that of your practice, at risk. While no organization can eliminate the risk of exposure to these types of situations, our goal is for your practice to run efficiently and put your focus back where it belongs, on providing the best possible patient care.

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We found their approach to risk management to be a collaborative effort with our facility.
UHC worked with us to design a surgical compliance program to meet our specific needs.