Universal Healthcare Consulting

Compliance Solutions Redefined™

Achieving and Maintaining Accreditation for your office surgical suite
or licensed ASC has never been easier.

Introducing the ONLY accreditation software that is specifically designed to meet all accreditation standards for multiple accreditation bodies, The UHCloud®.

The UHCloud® is specifically designed to make the accreditation process simple, easy and efficient.

Whether you are seeking to become accredited by AAAASF, AAAHC or The Joint Commission; the UHCloud®’s accreditation platform ensures you are 100% compliant.

The UHCloud® addresses every aspect of accreditation from employee credentialing files, to your QAPI program with studies, Risk Management, Occurrence Reporting, Peer Review, and Reports to the Governing Body. Included in your UHCloud® platform are compliant Surgical Forms, Logs, Acknowledgements, Policy and Procedures, Credentialing files and more.

The UHCloud® provides specific programs based on accrediting body and facility type. The UHCloud® meets the needs of the single specialty office based facility, to the multi-specialty ASC and everything in between.

Along with the UHCloud®, You will also have your own risk management team who will oversee your facility, perform quarterly QA, review all occurrences, monitor your level of compliance and be available to address any concern you may have.

Contact us to learn more about the UHCloud® and how easy accreditation can be.

Medical practices and healthcare facilities have a multitude of regulatory and accrediting body standards that need to be met on a daily basis. UHC’s team of risk managers will assist you with all of the intimidating, but essential tasks required in preparing your facility for a totally compliant accreditation experience

Starting with our simple onboarding process, your Universal Healthcare Consulting risk manager will orient and explain your accreditation program and guide you through the entire accreditation process. UHC’s compliance programs allow for you to put your focus back where it belongs; on providing the best and safest care for your patient!