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Dear Client,

UHC has been working behind the scenes to create a Risk Management and Compliance experience that provides you with greater oversight, greater efficiency and more transparency into your practice. Some of our latest improvements to the UHCloud have been a more streamlined occurrence reporting system and a robust Task Management program that allows UHC to track crash cart drug expirations, employee file renewal dates, future risk management visits, dates of training and drills to be performed and more.

For your ease I have included instructions on how to access each of the Cloud functions and what they can do for you.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

UHCloud's latest update was specifically designed to not only meet certain regulations, but more importantly to provide you a direct avenue to market your current clients for future services and gain new clients.

REVENUE GENERATION through Patient Satisfaction.

UHCloud is now live with its Patient Satisfaction software!

UHC and their marketing team have a developed a Patient Satisfaction program that will allow you to market your surgical patients. Better than that, you can market all of your patients on a regular basis.

Forget about paying $200, $300, $400 each month for something that can be done for FREE!

How the patient satisfaction program works

Enter your patient's name and email address into your protected portal on the UHCloud.

Choose or create a personalized "Thank You" that you would like your patient to receive for providing feedback on their experience at your facility.

It is just that easy

Your patient will receive a beautifully designed email requesting their thoughts on your facility and the surgical experience. After the survey has been completed your patient will receive a personalized thank you from you.

Every opportunity to interact with your patients is an opportunity to market them for future services and to encourage them to bring a friend.

How Patient Satisfaction surveys can build your practice

At some point in time a surgical patient will seek out injectables or other non-surgical treatments to help them maintain their new more youthful appearance. At the same time, patients who come in for injectables or other non-surgical treatments will become candidates for surgical procedures.

  • You should be providing the full spectrum of services to maintain that patient in your practice.
  • You should be getting patients referred to you by your satisfied patients.
  • You should maintain contact with you patients on a regular basis.

Patient Satisfaction surveys are a simple tool to 1) ask your patients what they think and 2) encourage them to come back and bring a friend. You simply let UHC know what "Thank you" you would like your patient to receive such as a discount on future surgical or aesthetic procedures, or a "Bring a Friend" campaign that provides a discount to the friend(s) as well.

At your request UHC can email any at your clientele informing them of seasonal specials you are running.